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Loan Against Securities is a financial instrument offered by SC Capital that helps you to raise funds against your investments.

SC capital has its approved list of securities and it lends only against those securities. LAS can be avail against approved list of shares/mutual funds/bonds. Further list of approved securities can be amended time to time at SC capital 's discretion.

Yes, this is a unique feature of Loan Against Securities. You will enjoy all the benefits like dividend, bonus, etc, while your shares/mutual fund/bonds are pledged in favour of SC capital for loan purpose.

The portfolio will be valued on daily basis.

Yes, you can release pledged securities after payment of loan amount to the effect that the margin is maintained as per requirement for balance loan outstanding.

Loan can be used for personal reason or business purpose, which is to be declared to SC capital from time to time.

You may apply for loan against property from us in the following manner:

  • Apply through our online application form and our Sales Managers will connect with you.
  • You may write to us at
  • You may also call our customer care number 022 2675 7826/7829
  • You can also visit our branch in your location.

We offer following types of products:

  • Loan against residential and commercial and industrial property for business related expenses
  • Loan for purchase of commercial property
  • Loan against lease rental discounting

We determine loan eligibility of the Customer basis combination of various factors or parameters. Some of the indicative parameters are shown below:

  • Satisfactory loan repayment track
  • Business vintage and experience of promoter
  • Capacity to service EMI of proposed loan from existing cashflow
  • Business vintage
  • Marketability of property offered as collateral

Yes, you can avail loan against industrial property, provided it is offered along with residential or commercial property.

Yes, location wise maximum loan that can be availed by Customer has been capped. We offer loan amount up to max INR 20 Crores in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Kolkata and Ahmedabad, whereas up to Max INR 5 crores in Vadodara, Jaipur, Chandigarh and Indore.

Yes, loan against property can be prepaid in either partial or full. Please refer to Fees and charges section for charges on prepayment.

The eligibility of a Loan is calculated by taking into the following parameters in account:

  • Stability of Business
  • Financial Analysis
  • Security Type and Security Cover
  • Industry Overview
  • Existing obligations, if any
  • Past borrowing track record
  • Credit Score

The process of Loan disbursement is as follows:

• Submission of documents
You'll have to submit a set of documents require to process your proposal.

• Sanctioning of Loan
Your credit worthiness is calculated by SC Capital, based on your eligibility criteria as detailed above and CIBIL / CRILC report.

• Acceptance of Loan
Post Loan sanctioned, if you agree with the terms and conditions of the loan sanctioned, you will have to submit a signed copy of Loan Sanction Letter along with signed relevant Loan Documents.

• Disbursement of Loan
The loan will be disbursed post fulfilment of all the Terms & Conditions as per sanctioned and once all relevant documents duly verified and received by SC Capital.

An amortization schedule is a table giving the reduction of your loan amount by monthly instalments. The amortization schedule gives the break-up of every EMI towards repayment of interest and the outstanding principal of your loan.

You can update your contact information in the following ways

  • By calling us on 022 **** **** (call charges apply)
  • By calling us on our toll-free number: **** **** ****
  • By using your registered email id to visit us at: https://www.*********** along with scanned copies of your address proof and photo identity
  • You can also contact to your Loan Relationship Manager to update your profile details.

For such matters you can escalate to the concerned person

In order to customize our offering to suit your varied needs, we will be coming up with many marketing promotions. You will receive our mailers or telephone interactions regarding the same. We value your feedback. You can either write to us at ******@***** or call us at our Toll-Free Number **** **** ****

You can approach us for an NOC if your last instalment or last overdue or prclosure amount has been paid and cleared in your bank account.